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Sure Step is often used by companies to create and implement projects, having the Sure Step Certification is very helpful for people aiming to be a Project Manager but it also helps developers to understand all the process.

In this post I will post the material that I made to study for MB5-858.

Sure Step tells you who shall do what in which order and who is responsible for what. Sure Step defines process phases, milestones roles, artifacts, cross-phase-processes and additional project management processes. Different Projects types: Full Implementation, Rapid Implementation, Optimization and Upgrade.

Products and project types can be combined. Microsoft provides the Sure Step Overview Diagram for sales and training situations.

Sure Step Methodology Overview Chart


Obs.: For a more detailed Sure Step Methodology Chart consult:


Sure Step defines 6 Main Phases and 2 additional phases for optimization and upgrade:

  • Diagnostic: The diagnostic phase contains analysis…

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